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Partner with Coltri Compressor

Carlo and Giuseppe Coltri started manufacturing compressors in the late 1960's..Today, Aerotecnica Coltri Spa is one of the most important companies worldwide in the design and construction of high=pressure compressors for pure breathing air and technical gases.

We started with high-pressure compressors to refill diving cylinders, as used in recreational and military applications.

Eventually, we added fire fighting compressors for ground use, along with industrial gas compressors for Nitrogen, Argon, Helium and Nitrox mixtures for diving equipment with a maximum oxygen content of 40%.. Recently, with the increased proliferation of natural gas vehicles, we have begun to manufacture compressors to refill the CNG cylinders used in such vehicles.

                                       INDUSTRIES AND MARKETS                                                                      COMPRESSORS

                                              º Diving                                                                                                             º Mobile Compressors

                                              º Fire Fighting                                                                                                 º Compact Compressors

                                              º Marine and Offshore                                                                                  º Stationary Compressors

                                              º Natural Gas & Bio Gas                                                                                º Silent Compressors

                                              º Sports Shooter & Paintball                                                                           

                                              º Medical