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Military Division

Hirat Marine Services SPC is a company that provide services to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain's naval base fleet, we received award to maintain and supply their military requirements..

We offer industry leading consulting services regarding all aspects of boats. This is namely due to the three decades of experience with multiple hull types and materials in both the leisure and military sector. We ensure the satisfaction of our customers with a money back guarantee if the service is not satisfactory and the requirements are not met. From hull design to the lamination sequence of composite boats the following are the consulting services on offer.

        Hull design and construction

        Cabin design and construction

        Engine, drive and gearbox to attain a specified speed

        Lamination sequence

        Plug and mould construction for composite boats

Patrol boats are different from interceptors as they are used for extended periods at sea (weeks on end). It incorporates complete living quarters with kitchen and all amenities. This particular design includes a small fast interceptor inside it in a mother-daughter setup. If the target to be apprehended is too fast for the patrol boat, the mother ship launches the interceptor to give chase.

A ship primarily used to intercept unlawful breaches of the coast, the main attribute that the interceptor has is speed. With some having the ability to be offshore for days and days searching for criminal activity. At Phoenician marine we have deployed over 150 military interceptors ranging in all sizes and speeds.